Luke Munn

Digital Disenchantment: Post Digital Practices

Luke Munn, is a post graduate student at Colab, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand


Amazon Fulfilment Centre – image by Ben Roberts –

From Cascone’s digital fluff to Snowden’s revelation of cyberspace as panoptic platform, technology’s ‘glossy innovation narratives’ have finally lost their gleam. Stepping back from the hyperfocused moment of our current techno-positivism, this presentation sketches out some concerns of the post-digital. Delving beneath the luminous surface, we’ll explore some ways in which this alternate digitality operates, opposing screen with structure, now with deep time, and the cloud with the earth, with examples ranging from drones to Amazon Fulfilment Centres and Congolese coltan.

Luke will share with Walter Langelaar  the Disenchanting the Digital presentation (Saturday 13 September)