The ADA Network

ADA is a network researching the expanded field around media, new media, electronic and digital art. The ADA Network enables communication between artists, curators, teachers, critics, theorists, writers and the interested public. ADA develops public understanding of digital art through its online forum, through publications and exhibitions, and by touring speakers, holding master classes and symposia.

ADA is a national organisation advancing education, enabling discussion, collaboration and mentoring, passing on learning and expertise. ADA contributes towards the development of digital art, in all its manifestations, across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Past Work

In 2010 ADA hosted the masterclass tour of Professor Douglas Kahn to Auckland, Christchurch, Whanganui. ADA was a key partner for Electrosmog: Festival of Sustainable Immobility, an international networked conference and festival initiated by De Baile in Amsterdam. 2010 also marked the seventh ADA symposium, Energetics and Informatics. Over the past decade, ADA symposia have maintained a reputation for inspiring presentations by leading and emergent New Zealand artists alongside renowned international artists and critics. In 2008 ADA published The ADA Reader, a book that remains the only comprehensive text on media arts and their histories in New Zealand. This text has given an international depth and recognition to New Zealand’s media arts practice. The ADA network continues to expand understanding of and exposure to digital and media arts (in all their variety) in Aotearoa New Zealand.


ADA is a charitable trust. Current trustees are Birgit Bachler (co-chair), Maggie Buxton (co-chair), Ted Whitaker (secretary), Vicki Smith (treasurer) Jack Gittings and James Hope. Previous trustees include Honor Harger, Douglas Bagnall, Su Ballard, Stella Brennan, Janine Randerson, Zita Joyce, Don Hunter, Ana Terry, Julian Priest, Sarah Jane Parton and Rob Carter.

ADA List 

The Aotearoa Digital Arts List is an e-mail based discussion list for artists, curators, critics and educators focused on the intersection between art and technology in New Zealand and further afield. To subscribe or manage your existing membership, visit

Equipment Pool

The ADA Equipment Pool is a technology resource made available for artists and galleries in New Zealand. This resource is dedicated to supporting artists and exhibitors working with video and new media technology. ADA intends to make this equipment available to use for artists and galleries at cost as a service to the art community.

The equipment is geographically distributed in Whangarei, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin. Generally speaking, we don’t ship the equipment between centres but encourage artists to take advantage of what is available in the city nearest them.

  • 4 x Panasonic PT-AX200E projectors in flight cases.
  • 7 x Sennheiser HD200 headphones
  • 2 x Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint headphones
  • 3 x Camelion AP–218 USB switching mode power supply
  • 4 x wall mounted television/projector shelves, 360 x 370 x 120 [includes fixing straps for shelves]

Preference will be given to ADA List members. Contact admin(at)ada(dot)net(dot)nz for full details, terms and conditions.